We need celebrities, friends and artists to to contribute an original piece of art on a 12cm x 12 cm art card which will then be hung at Heart.

All the returned art work will be numbered and framed and hung together in the Ridge Room. We will sell tickets (all at the same price) and the buyers will not know which piece they will own until they match their ticket number with the frame number.

If you want to contribute a piece of original art then come and pick up your piece of card from Heart’s reception. You can produce a painting, printing, drawing, collage, whatever takes your fancy. Don’t forget to sign the back (and the front if you want). Once completed please return to reception by the 11th October.

Any questions please email [email protected]

Simon Lewis 21st September – 8th November

“I’m an illustrator and printmaker based in Leeds, Yorkshire. In the past few years my style has evolved into drawing highly detailed, black and white images of architecture and streetscenes. Common themes tend to be old industry (especially brick mills), brutalism, faded grandeur, old buildings in general. I’m also interested in capturing shop fronts, especially the slightly dated or less glamorous ones. A lot of my subjects have since been demolished or converted, so I like to think of my work as a kind of archive.

When I’ve focused more on printmaking, particularly screenprint, my style involves combining the detailed drawings as layers of colour, building up depth and texture. These have been exhibited regularly both locally and nationally with some having been shortlisted for art prizes.”

Email: [email protected]
Website: simonlewisillustration.co.uk
Shop: folksy.com/shops/simonlewisillustration
Facebook: @simonlewisillustration
Insta:       @simonlewisillustration
Twitter:     @SimonLewisIllus

Assembly Bar + Kitchen Exhibition coming soon

If you are interested in exhibiting at Heart please fill in the Exhibitor Application Form
and send to [email protected]