Secret Art Sale

Our Secret Art Sale is now OPEN! We have had an amazing 60 pieces of original artwork donated for the auction by friends and family of HEART. Now they are all framed and on display in our Ridge room and on a rolling display in our reception.

Each artwork has randomly been allocated a number, and once you buy a ticket, you too will be randomly allocated a number that corresponds to one of the art pieces.

Collection dates for your artwork will be between the 13th and 16th December – just in time for Christmas.

All proceeds from the Secret Art Sale will be reinvested into the Arts offering here at HEART, with some exciting things lined up for 2022.

Link below to buy your secret artwork!

Any questions please email [email protected]


Peter Cahill 9th November – 24th December

"I've lived in Leeds for most of my adult life and I've been taking photographs rather longer than that, having been first inspired by my father and his Robot Royal viewfinder camera with its seemingly-magical clockwork motor wind, and his stories of taking street portraits while in Egypt and Iraq with the RAF. I've retained that fondness for candid portraits, while also developing a liking for more abstract shots.  What is a recent development for me though, is experimenting with formal portraits.  Those, and some "abstracts" are what you see here."

Commissions Undertaken.

Paul Ashton - 9th November - 24 December

Inspired by the lyric “between thought and expression there is a lifeline” [Lou Reed] and the idea that “when meaning is known words are disposable” [Lao Tsu], Paul Ashton presents ‘JOY’, an exhibition in three paintings. 

As an artist considered traditional by some in my subject matter and materials I challenge myself to enjoy and be humble to the gifts left to painting by the traditional/artisanal aspect and am grateful in my endless consideration of the muse and painter and meaning. 

Painting is indeed my JOY.