Background & History

Opened in January 2011, HEART is the flagship project of Headingley Development Trust (HDT) and represents the culmination of a five year project and campaign to keep the old Headingley Primary School building in community use.

HEART has been set up as a separate company and is a subsidiary of HDT, which appoints the members of the HEART Board and provides the community oversight for HEART.

Most of the HEART Board are from the Headingley area, and HDT itself continues to be run entirely by local residents; HDT Board members are elected annually by and from the membership.

HDT was started in 2005 by local residents with the aim of creating enterprising initiatives that contribute to the quality of life and sustainable regeneration of Headingley. It has grown to have the largest membership (over 1,000) of any Development Trust in the country. 

It is this membership that is the driving force for HDT and they have supported the development of HEART by active involvement, fundraising and personal investment. Volunteers, mostly drawn from HDT members, play a vital role in helping to run the centre and create a welcoming environment and atmosphere for visitors and use.