Leeds Combined Arts provide arts-based workshops and events in various venues throughout Leeds including Centres, Colleges, Local Community Centres Schools, Theatres, and other venues on a variety of topics including,  poetry, prose, music, drama, story-telling, craft and landscape drawing and painting. As well as our monthly Poetry Evening we run a weekly ‘Book Reading Group’ and a monthly walk, which is usually between 3-6 miles, and incorporates some poetry or story-telling along the route. On the fourth Wednesday of each month (except August),  we have a ‘Mind, Body, Spirit Evening’ where we discuss a wide range of topics from health to environmental issues. We are passionate about working with people from a mixed range of cultures and backgrounds and include a wide range of workshops and activities from various cultures. 
The aims of our organisation is to heighten awareness through literature events, workshops and discussions on topical issues and to encourage attendees to use the arts to explore themes and ideas, as well as matters relating to their own lives, enabling them to develop imagination and communication, sensitivity and self-confidence through the medium of the arts’.