I set up Josephina Worrall Translation five years ago, just as I finished the last exams of my Master’s degree course in translation and interpreting at the University of Bath. Since then, I have relocated from Bath to Cheltenham, and then at the end of 2016 up to the bright lights of Leeds. Luckily, my southern misconceptions of the Grim North have proven entirely untrue, and I have found Leeds, and my new office space at Pulse in Headingley, to be friendly and bustling. My love of languages has several outlets here too, from regular foreign films at Hyde Park Picture House to the excellent French café just around the corner.

So what does a translator actually do? My business involves translating documents from companies and individuals from all around the world, from Monaco to Morocco. I work from French and Russian into English, and the documents I deal with range from academic publications (the most interesting so far being a long-term collaboration with a Belgian academic working on French Belgian Sign Language) to online marketing materials for a very diverse bunch of companies, both big and small. I have a particular interest in marketing texts for companies with an international client base and more technical documents and contracts for the energy sector. What makes me happiest however is translating a long, complex document that requires me to become a temporary expert in a new area. One day I might step into the shoes of a geologist writing about the different types of rock in an oil reservoir, the next I might have my marketing exec cap on, introducing the English-speaking world to a fantastic new French product.

In addition to these main translation activities, I also do a lot of editing and proofreading of English texts. This can be for non-native English speakers who want their latest blog article written in English to be polished to linguistic perfection, or for Brits who want to ensure their CV or website copy is the epitome of professionalism. At heart, I am a grammar nerd who loves to write, bringing a touch of sparkle to any text I can get my hands on!

So should the need ever arise, drop me a line at [email protected] to see how I can help with your language needs!