Little Mistakes

Little Mistakes are a trio with Double Bass, Acoustic Guitars and Mandolin. Adam and Louise write their own songs and include a range of covers from Nancy Griffiths, Townes Van Zandt, the Stray Birds and Sam Outlaw to name a few. BUY TICKETS

Little Mistakes2020-09-25T10:49:35+01:00

TNL: Colour of Light

TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Colour of Light are a five piece who sing and play guitar, banjo, ukulele, double bass and harmonica. They play original songs about heartbreak, history, protest and dreams with soaring harmonies and blues-soaked harmonica, loaded with folk and country influences. With their 1st album “Once Lay a King” due for release in November, this is a band brimming with experience and energy, ready to take you up into their world. BUY TICKETS

TNL: Colour of Light2020-09-14T11:25:25+01:00

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire return to the Heart Centre - or at least, just outside in the gazebo - to entertain the sacred and scared folks of Leeds! Live music in the Courtyard from 7.30pm - 45 minute set Please feel free to stay and chat (socially distanced of course) in our delightful outside space.

The Roman Empire2020-08-21T14:40:54+01:00

Serious Sam Barrett

Serious Sam Barrett is a hard touring, folk and country singer/songwriter from Otley, West Yorkshire. Playing honest, heartfelt self penned and traditional songs on 12 string guitar and banjo. Sam began performing in and around Leeds in 2004, with word spreading further afield with the release of his 2009 debut album Close To Home. Performing at SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2010, he has toured the US widely, usually in the company of friends and fellow skaters The Pine Hill Haints. BUY TICKETS

Serious Sam Barrett2020-08-06T14:37:46+01:00

TNL: Six Days + Waiting for Wednesday

Six Days play acoustic Americana. Waiting for Wednesday are two great friends who combine their very different voices to produce beautiful harmonies backed by acoustic guitar.

TNL: Six Days + Waiting for Wednesday2019-05-17T13:34:48+01:00

TNL: Max Lilleyman and Zach Pygall

Max brings us stories of characters and their struggles, whilst Zach creates heart felt performances combined with British wit to create a breathtaking musical experience.   

TNL: Max Lilleyman and Zach Pygall2019-03-20T11:40:14+00:00

Tuesday Night Live: Wilson McGladdery

Pleased to say that Wilson McGladdery are making another return visit. This duo play their own unique blend of original folk, country and pop.

Tuesday Night Live: Wilson McGladdery2018-11-07T15:08:29+00:00

Tuesday Night Live: Celia Bryce Band

Celia Bryce has been a stalwart of the Tyneside music scene for years with a background steeped in traditional, Irish & country music with a tinge of the blues. Tonight she's backed by a team of battle-hardened musicians from northeast bands as diverse as Morgan Le Fey, the Bill Stickers Band & the Moat Brothers playing songs from her forthcoming and previous two albums.

Tuesday Night Live: Celia Bryce Band2018-12-12T15:31:41+00:00

Tuesday Night Live: Pete Ivatts

Pete Ivatts is a singer/songwriter and actor based in Yorkshire, England. His songs are a poetic mix of English Folk and Country and have the capacity to have you roaring with laughter one minute, and wiping away a tear the next.

Tuesday Night Live: Pete Ivatts2018-08-29T16:52:47+01:00

Tuesday Night Live: Wilson McGladdery

Gaynor Wilson and Paul McGaddery play original folk/country/pop songs. After initial rehearsals revealed their voices and personalities blended well together, when they met 3 years ago, they now share a common goal to promote their music and their first album was released earlier this year.

Tuesday Night Live: Wilson McGladdery2018-08-23T16:20:55+01:00
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