TNL: The High Hollers

Tuesday Night Live - THE HIGH HOLLERS. Born in a boxcar from the harp and soul of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, the reckless roll of Carl Perkins, the joy of jug band and the heartbreak of Hank, Huddie and Woody. One-part harmonica. One-part guitar, this dusty duo has busked, picked, stomped and wailed for over 10 years, wherever feet tap.

TNL: The High Hollers 2019-06-19T14:53:44+00:00

HMF: Shaku

Shaku are a 6-piece outfit hailing from all four corners of the globe. Infusing your musical nourishment with a 'six of your five a day' blend that is sure to fulfil your dietary desires with their unique blend of old school Jazz-Rock, Funk, and Blues.

HMF: Shaku 2019-05-08T14:26:08+00:00

Little Big Band

"The Little Big band are delighted to be back at HEART putting some swing into Spring this April. The 19 piece big band will be playing music from across the eras and genres from Glen Miller to Queen; with it's three singers any music is possible. Whether you want to put on your dancing shoes and take to the floor or sit and relax, there should be something for everyone." BUY TICKETS

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TNL: Hazjak

Hazjak were formed in 2018 bringing together Steve Chapman Smith a respected singer songwriter and performer who has released three solo albums over the last 6 years and Lynne O'Malley one third of the highly acclaimed a capella trio Yan Tan Tether and frequent singer with Henry Priestman.

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Tuesday Night Live: Celia Bryce Band

Celia Bryce has been a stalwart of the Tyneside music scene for years with a background steeped in traditional, Irish & country music with a tinge of the blues. Tonight she's backed by a team of battle-hardened musicians from northeast bands as diverse as Morgan Le Fey, the Bill Stickers Band & the Moat Brothers playing songs from her forthcoming and previous two albums.

Tuesday Night Live: Celia Bryce Band 2018-12-12T15:31:41+00:00

Claude Bourbon: Medieval and Spanish Blues

Ready for a unique and talented take on a wide range of musical traditions? Claude Bourbon is known throughout Europe and America for amazing guitar performances that take blues, Spanish, and Middle Eastern stylings into uncharted territories. BUY TICKETS

Claude Bourbon: Medieval and Spanish Blues 2018-07-02T16:22:16+00:00

Dave Speight

I've been playing and singing the blues for over 50 years and with more and more feeling that I have a good reason to do so as I age and life presents its various scenarios.  BUY TICKETS

Dave Speight 2018-08-29T11:00:50+00:00

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire return for their annual gig in support of The Heart Centre. Ably supported in their endeavours by thier fantastically eccentric friends, the Popping Nuns

The Roman Empire 2017-11-01T15:20:25+00:00

Mark Somers

Live music in the cafe: Belgian singer-songwriter-composer Mark Somers makes a welcome return to Leeds. This time as a solo artist, but maybe with some special surprise guests!

Mark Somers 2017-08-30T11:11:32+00:00