TNL: The Often Herd

The Often Herd reach beyond what is expected of a bluegrass band, marrying the wistful sunshine harmonies of Southern California with the striking industrial allure of their home in the North East of England.

TNL: The Often Herd2020-10-15T10:53:55+01:00

Little Mistakes

Little Mistakes are a trio with Double Bass, Acoustic Guitars and Mandolin. Adam and Louise write their own songs and include a range of covers from Nancy Griffiths, Townes Van Zandt, the Stray Birds and Sam Outlaw to name a few. BUY TICKETS

Little Mistakes2020-10-14T18:45:45+01:00

Tuesday Night Live: Folly + Dalton Ridge

This evening sees the welcome return of both FOLLY and DALTON RIDGE. Expect a great mix of Americana, folk, country, bluegrass and soulful singing.

Tuesday Night Live: Folly + Dalton Ridge2018-06-08T15:45:54+01:00

Tuesday Night Live: Lost Loui

Beat the January blues by coming to see Lost Loui at HEART! For your delight and delectation, this four-piece acoustic band will be playing Americana, folk and bluegrass. Marvel as they subtly change the mood from toe-tapping to moody and back to toe-tapping in the blink of an eye!

Tuesday Night Live: Lost Loui2018-01-16T15:19:32+00:00
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