TNL: The HuncH

TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Acoustic Irish, Folk, Americana & Latin music. All sung & played in their own inimitable style with a generous dash of humour. This is event is held outside, numbers are restricted + social distance required until guidance changes. BUY TICKETS

TNL: The HuncH2020-10-26T13:37:20+00:00


Hazjak were formed in 2018 bringing together Steve Chapman Smith a respected singer songwriter and performer who has released three solo albums over the last 6 years and Lynne O’Malley one third of the highly acclaimed a capella trio Yan Tan Tether and frequent singer with Henry Priestman. BUY TICKETS


TNL: Rachel Laven

TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Rachel Laven New Folk Award winning songwriter, RACHEL LAVEN performs a blend of Texas Folk and Americana music.  A positive force of nature on stage, Laven not only captivates with her smiling lyricism, but with her electric vocals and accomplished guitar work. BUY TICKETS

TNL: Rachel Laven2020-07-28T20:32:53+01:00

TNL: Rachel Laven + Grace Pettis

TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Rachel Laven and Grave Pettis Rachel, from originally from Texas has made her home in Leeds - performs a blend of Texas Folk and Americana music and on this occasion her friend Grace Pettis also from Texas will be joining her.

TNL: Rachel Laven + Grace Pettis2019-11-27T16:39:39+00:00

TNL: Laurel Canyon Union

Tuesday Night Live: LAUREL CANYON UNION, formed in the summer of 2015, this union of fully professional, experienced musicians take their inspiration from the late 60’s / early 70’s American West Coast singer - songwriter era, playing well known songs from artists such as Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Eagles, The Byrds, Poco and James Taylor etc. 

TNL: Laurel Canyon Union2020-01-29T12:00:53+00:00

TNL: RockSalt Acoustic

ROCKSALT ACOUSTIC provide an eclectic range of well known classic songs & a few originals in all sorts of styles including R&B, Rock, Rock n Roll, Blues,  jazz and Americana with 3 voice harmonies, acoustic guitar & bass/double bass

TNL: RockSalt Acoustic2019-12-18T13:32:55+00:00

TNL: Rachel Laven

TUESDAY NIGHT LIVE: Rachel Laven recently packed her Texas life into storage and moved to the UK, making a new home in Leeds. This New Folk Award winning songwriter, performs a fabulous blend of Texas Folk and Americana music.

TNL: Rachel Laven2019-11-06T15:34:48+00:00

TNL: RockSalt Acoustic

This evening TNL is ROCKSALT ACOUSTIC a semi-acoustic trio delivering an intriguing mix of well known songs and original music.

TNL: RockSalt Acoustic2019-05-22T15:41:44+01:00
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