Support Heart during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Unlike many organisations, Heart has to be entirely self-sufficient. We don’t receive grants or any other kind of subsidy, so have to make every penny and pound ourselves. We have to cover costs such as building maintenence and staff even whilst the centre is closed.  Please suppport us using any, or all, of the methods below to help ensure we can re-open when restrictions are lifted.

Become a regular Heart Supporter

Donate £10 a month and get access to one free event of your choice each year

Tell your friends about us!

Heart is for the whole community so shout about it to friends, neighbours and family. The more support we can drum up, the more we can do.

Let us know the things you would like to see happening at Heart

Our brilliant events team is always keen on new ideas. Are we missing out on yours? Email [email protected] Or, if you have any ideas of how to Support HEART we would be delighted to speak to you. Please e-mail [email protected]

Read What Our Supporters Say

“It’s great to hear the new PA at the Tuesday gigs and know that my donation has helped have such great sound at these events.”


“Lovely to be able to play a part in such a great place. SupportHEART always appreciates the donations we give and put up signs saying exactly what they’ve spent the money on.”