Mary’s Meals is an international charity with a simple idea that works. Driven by the belief that every child deserves an education and enough to eat, Mary’s Meals provides a daily meal in schools in the world’s poorest communities. Children, who might otherwise be working or begging to survive, are attracted to the classroom where they can gain an education and the chance of a life free of poverty.

Mary’s Meals feeds 1,257,278 children in their place of education every school day. It costs just £13.90 to feed a child for an entire year – that’s just 7p per meal! This work is only made possible through the support of dedicated volunteers all over the world, including more than 80,000 in Malawi alone who give their time to cook and serve the meals for the children. Many, many people working together to fundraise and increase awareness about our mission enables us to bring hope to so many children around the world.

The North England Fundraising Coordinator, Bethany Barry, is based in Pulse. If you would like to know more about Mary’s Meals, would like to make a donation, or would like to book a talk about our work for your business, church, group or community, please get in touch. |  [email protected]  |  0113 336 5264