The wonderful Tom Metcalfe is one of our Pulse members and has been kind enough to share his inspiring story with us!
Tom Metcalfe: New Business Relationships
“In March 2016 without any prior experience of ever running my own business, I nervously walked through the doors of HEART and signed up to a hot desk/ space in Pulse, with no business name, no clients and simply an idea written down on a piece of paper which read ‘New Business Relationships’.
With absolutely no investment, debt, business partners or assistance using HEART as my permanent base, I started and have grown in just over 4 years a fully functioning successful company in HEART.
New Business Relationships

works with Yorkshire Business Owners & Senior Decision Makers helping identify target markets, methodically contacting new clients via consultative intelligent telephone calls, making quality telephone appointments/ online meetings/ web demonstrations and generating new business opportunities.

The companies we work with have typically grown and are normally in-between points where they do not require a full-time Internal Sales Team but do require a constant, consistent flow of new business leads to flourish.
The space/ flexibility/ shared work space/ community/ meeting like minded people has allowed me to take New Business Relationships from zero turnover and a concept on a piece of paper to now what is a fledgling growing business hurtling towards £250,000 turnover, employing directly 3 full time staff and 3 part time staff with a sister company in the pipeline.
In 2020/ 2021 I have a business plan to grow again once CV-19 is behind us -using HEART Pulse as a base!”
We are very proud to have Tom as one of our Pulse members and we wish him all the success in the future!

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