This time, we’ve got a very special guest contributing to our Humans of HEART feature. You may know him as Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas or even Sinterklaas! Whatever you wish to call him, he’s a pretty big deal. Anyway, here he is sharing a few words on HEART… enjoy!
“Ho, Ho and another Ho for good measure!
I’m honoured to be asked to be a Human of HEART. I fly over the building every year and am always impressed by the amount of events and activities it has going on (in non-Covid years of course).
They have a nice big roof where I sometimes park my sleigh and stop to have a quick bite from Assembly Bar + Kitchen (and the occasional mulled wine, but don’t tell Mrs Claus!).
I remember, many years ago, dropping off presents for all the children who used to go to school in the building. It warms me from my boots to my beard that the building has been put to such good use.
The people who work and volunteer at HEART are as kind, lovely and hard working as my elves. I can’t speak higher of them than that!
I hope all of them and all of you, manage to have a very Happy Christmas and we all look forward to HEART getting back to normal, particularly with their 10th anniversary coming up in 2021.”