We’ve got another Human of HEART feature for January! This month, we’re sharing a few words from our former facilities manager turned volunteer and all around HEART local, Steve.
“Hi, my name is Steve and some of you might recognise me as the former facilities manager at Heart, a position now held by my son, Owen. I left Heart reluctantly a couple of years ago due to health reasons, but I am pleased to say that Owen has taken on the role and made it his own. I spent almost eight years at Heart, during which time I saw it grow from a fledgling venture into the successful business and important Headingley landmark it is today. Nobody could have predicted this success ten years ago when the doors were first opened, and the planned tenth anniversary celebrations should reflect this fantastic achievement. My time spent at Heart will always stay with me and the people I met and worked with all helped to make it a hugely enjoyable time. I should also mention that Heart is also where l met my wife, Becky! I’m lucky that I’ve recently been able to return to Heart as a volunteer, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and it has enabled me to continue my connection with the building and the people who l have, over the years, grown to love. Hopefully Heart will be fully operational again soon and let’s hope that it will be business as usual, so feel free to come and say “Hi” if you spot me and Becky in the wonderful cafe. See you all soon x”