Terry (Left) Doreen (Centre) Alec (Right)

This week we had the pleasure of chatting to Terry, Doreen and Alec from Rose’s Tea Bar. Rose’s Tea Bar has been around over 30 years and, for 10 of those, years they have been meeting at HEART. Rose’s Tea Bar is run by a group of wonderful volunteers and OWLS staff who have created a place within the community for people to come and share affordable coffee and cake and enjoy a range of activities together. Rose‘s Tea Bar is an important service for so many and offers a social place for young and old alike to come together and support one another.

We are very lucky to have such wonderful people in our community who make support groups like Rose’s Tea Bar possible. It has been a difficult few weeks not being able to run Rose’s Tea Bar but Terry, Doreen and Alec have been preparing for when they can safely resume their Friday morning get-togethers!