Liz J
It seems no time since Heart first opened its doors early in 2011 and hard to believe that was nearly 10 years ago. I was at the point of moving away from Leeds in 2010 and it was partly the prospect of new exciting things on the horizon that kept me here – and I’m so pleased I stayed!
I started doing a regular volunteer shift on reception when Heart opened and continued this for approximately 5 years, when I became involved in getting table tennis sessions off the ground. I now just do occasional shifts when there are slots to be filled but had recently joined the Events Team and was helping to front Tuesday Night Live sessions, before Covid 19 put everything on hold.
Heart has meant a huge amount to me since it started. I’ve been so lucky to make new friends here, to have somewhere new and different to take visitors and to have such a warm, welcoming venue . It has seemed very strange in the last 3 months while it’s been closed and I can’t wait for it to reopen…. I’ll be through its doors for my takeaway coffee as soon as it’s available!

Liz W
I have been a volunteer at HEART for over 9 years and normally do a regular shift on the reception desk on Friday mornings. I have also been on the HEART Management Board for around 6 years and am proud to have been part of HEART’s growth and success over the past 9 years.
I love the way HEART has been shaped by our community and has become central to life in Headingley. It has become a haven and support for any and all of us over the past 9 years (yes – HEART will be 10 years old next year!) and I am really hoping and confident we can adjust and come back as strong as ever after this awful time.
Individual volunteers have spent time over the past 2 weeks preparing for the re-opening by making sure the building is as safe as possible for customers to collect their food. I hope you will all come and collect your, coffee, cake, meal and even a drink to go with it.