This week is a very special ‘Human of Heart’, today we are celebrating one of the pillars that keep us standing. Many of you will know Leann, she is our plumber, our gardener and all in all, our Hero! Leann has just celebrated her first-year anniversary at Heart, but unfortunately, we couldn’t all be together to celebrate this special day. Rest assured we will be sure to celebrate it when we come out of lock-down!

I’ve just celebrated my 1st year at Heart, it’s been a great 12 months, learning loads of new things and getting to know so many fantastic people. It felt so strange not to be in the building, but then, everything feels strange at the moment. People are adjusting to the new situation in different ways and having their wobbles at different times. The Heart staff and volunteers are managing to keep in touch and it’s great to see we are still able to support one another through the wobbles remotely.
I feel very fortunate to have lots to keep me going through lock-down. I moved into my current house around 18 months ago so have spent time doing lots of well overdue decorating and finally getting our garden into shape, it feels like an unbelievable luxury to have outside space right now.

Away from Heart, I’m a volunteer First Responder for Yorkshire Ambulance Service. At the beginning of the crisis, I signed up to offer support in other areas and am currently on fast track training to take 999 calls! My first day on the phones was terrifying but everyone seems to be aware of how much pressure the NHS is under at the minute and people are being very patient and understanding. Whilst I’m trying to improve and be half as good as the amazing permanent call takers, really, I’m hoping we can all get back to Heart before that happens.