Introducing our two newest Humans of HEART!
Jean and George actually went to Bennett Road Primary School back in 1936! Our volunteer, Lesly, had a chat with them as they returned to the building in its new purpose as HEART.
They were both very pleased to see what had become of their old school and to see that it had been turned into something so community focused.
An interesting memory they shared with us is that they can remember Headingley being bombed during World War Two. The pair recalled incendiary bombs being dropped near to the cricket ground in March 1941. We managed to find an interactive map plotting bombs dropped on Leeds between March 14th and 15th 1941 which you can view here:…
They also told us how the metal fencing and gates at the front of the building were taken to be melted down and used for armament during the war. Fortunately for us, they were never used and so, were returned after the war!
It was great to catch up with people who used the building decades ago and it is always a very gratifying experience when those people approve of what the building is being used for now.
A huge thanks to Jean and George, we hope to see you again soon!