HEART 10 – Room Art Commissions

The rooms in HEART are named after local streets and landmarks. We commissioned seven artists to create a work for a room in the centre that celebrates this link.

All pieces will be on display in Assembly Bar & Kitchen until the end of June.  After that they will be installed permanently in the relevant rooms.

Click on the images below to enlarge the pictures.

Beckett – ‘Becketts Park – the original grand entrance’ Mike Sells

This image is based on a photograph I took on a stunning beautiful early morning after a fall of snow in January.

It seems to me that in capturing and recreating an image it’s sometimes possible to draw attention to a stunningly beautiful aspect that we may otherwise just pass by. Perhaps that image or view isn’t often appreciated as much as it could be. By focusing on a particular part or angle, or most critically by catching it in a particular light, it may be possible to see much more.

(I will complement this picture with another of the same scene in late summer / autumn)

Broomfield – Bex Stacey

The first thing I noticed about the Broomfields was the lovely cobblestone streets and I loved the range of houses in the area. I decided to focus on the red bricks and wanted to show the area and the people who live in it dynamically and with vibrant colours.

Buckingham – ‘Houses on Buckingham Road’ Jonathan Hooper

I am a painter based in Leeds and for the last eleven years my exclusive subject has been the city and suburbs of Leeds. I am interested in the characteristic forms and atmospheres of the buildings and spaces, but also in using them as a pretext for exploring line, shape, repetition and variation, texture, and above all colour.

This painting is from a series showing houses in Buckingham Road and the surrounding streets. While working on these I walked regularly through the area, taking photos and making notes. From these, I made watercolour drawings in the studio to explore colour and composition in preparation for the paintings.

Claremont – Cortisol Kid

The gardens of the Claremont Streets are full of different trees and flora. With this is mind I have included a variety of trees and specifically Rhododendron plants as these can be seen in many gardens around Headingley.

When researching the history of the area I found there was once a Dye Works Mill close by so decided to include this in the design as well as the Mill pond that is in the locality.

The bird of prey in the artwork is a Red Kite as these are often seen flying above the area.

For the overall style of the artwork, I wanted to make it appear as if it was stained glass as a lot of the older houses on the Claremont’s once had stained glass windows, this also worked with the installation of the Boards to the Old School divider and gives an impression of looking out through a window.

Granby – ‘Grand Be Life’ Sofia Fozard

This landscape is titled ‘Grand be Life’. Using mixed medium, the piece has not been created for its own sake, but as a reflection of human values.

Central to the image is the imperfect white square, representational of the Granby Room and the life of those who reside in that part of Headingley. The image is based on the narrative of daily life, through the activities of morning, afternoon, and dusk, with its composition split into three elements.

The upper body of the work is mainly made up of creams, browns, and pinks to illustrate the urban landscape with the hustle and bustle of the school runs and the working day. The afternoon in the central part of the work, presents the unexpected, new, and unknown with tones of green, orange and red. And finally, dusk, represented in purple and cool blues. A melodic and reflective time of the day, where things are much calmer and serene.

The image is knitted together by black lines marking out the map of the streets. The artwork complete, is a day in the life of The Granby Room and the residents of Granby.

I have a MA from Manchester University in Art History/Fine Art. My work is predominantly abstract in mixed medium. My work is about life’s journeys; each colour, mark and shape represent a moment or place in time. My intention is to make people think about their own life journeys and how that can be expressed through the medium of abstract art.

Newport –  Lee Beck

My passion for painting started when I left the army with creating traditional pub signs for Tetley’s and Ansell’s Breweries. This led to being self-employed as a commercial artist, a fine art degree and a career teaching art.

My work usually involves nostalgia and areas of my life that have influenced me. I am immensely proud of being a ‘Loiner’ and hope to express this pride in my painting.

The brief for this work was the area of the Newport’s in Headingley. As the rugby ground is in this location, it became my focal point. I have gone for a 1970’s feel to the piece to adding period advertising. I have added a nod to another Loiner, with the addition of a ‘Grimshaw sky’.

Ridge – Chris Fenwick

Born and raised in Headingley I studied illustration at Leeds College of Art in the early 1990’s before studying design commisssions in Sheffield. I’ve been a commercial designer and illustrator ever since and still enjoy painting and printing by hand.

Supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council and by Leeds Philosophical & Literary Society Ltd.