HEART is a community-led project run by the community for the community. We believe we have a responsibility and an opportunity to do our bit for the environment. It’s not about paying lip-service and just having a recycling bin in reception; we really care and are trying to invest in the future. Bear with us, though, as this is a steep learning curve and we’re also restricted by the physical limitations of the buildings, so for example we can’t have a roof garden.

Here’s a list of all the measures we’ve taken to date to combat Climate Change:

Recycle bins in reception…..and on every floor and in your office if you want it, to recycle paper, glass, cardboard, plastic bottles and rinsed food tins.

We have a considerable number of bike spaces and provide a shower so there’s nothing stopping the keen cyclists… apart from the rain and taxi drivers, but we can’t help that.

We have solar panels fitted onto the lower south roof that help generate hot water for the building. When the sun shines on the panels the water inside gets hot and this is pumped in the boiler room.

On the south side of the roof, we have photovoltaic panels that can generate up to 5kw of electricity and help us save on electricity bills.

Throughout the building, we have low energy lights and lighting controls that work with movement sensors and switch off when no one is in the room. So, if you don’t remember to switch the light off, it’s not a problem.

Improved daylight using windows and effective natural ventilation reduces the energy needed for lighting and avoids the need for air conditioning.

We have also dedicated volunteers who look after the green areas on the front and the back of the building and we’ve recently started growing vegetables with the idea of supplying our café from it!

Some of the cakes were recently made using apples from one of the trees at the front of the building and the kitchen staff regularly use fresh herbs from the garden at the back.

We are proud to be a member of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan, a membership scheme for any employer in West Yorkshire who is committed to encouraging their staff to travel to work sustainably.

Together we can work towards creating a better environment, reducing congestion in urban areas and improving the quality of the local air supply whilst living a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The song was written on the theme of survival for the Headingley Literary Festival, by Heart volunteer Jackie Parsons.