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If you’ve seen Lexi Wolfe perform here before you’ll know how good she is – on this occasion she performs ‘The Witch in the Woods’

Set in AD 700, this is the story of Maya, the wise woman to a local village. Bitter at the changes that have happened to her village and community since the Christianisation of the Isles, she finds herself increasingly ostracised and even abused by the very people she and her female ancestors have spent their lives dedicated to helping and advising. Now she ekes out her existence alone in the woods near to her former home, while the tales about her grow and attitudes towards her ‘backward’ way of doing things sour… But even out in the woods, there is no peace, and Maya’s rage is close to boiling point…

Parental advisory: not suitable for children under the age of 12

Tickets £9/£7 concessions available from HEART reception or click button below

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