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Mental health & self-care for parents workshop

– Leeds Wellbeing Week –

Parenting can be hard. And we often forget ourselves, as parents, to focus on the wellbeing of our little ones. What about our OWN wellbeing though?


Join Lucile and Sam this Mental Health Awareness Week and Leeds Wellbeing Week for a session all about wellbeing for parents. Looking after yourself whilst taking care of small people can be challenging at times, but making your mental health a priority has benefits for the whole family and allows you to give your very best to the people you love. You need to fill up your cup!

The session will last for 2 hours and allow you to:

  • Reflect on your parenting priorities and intentions
  • Share your own experiences of mental wellbeing as a parent and hear from other parents
  • Consider what you need to support your mental health and the wellbeing of your family
  • Learn self-care strategies and mindful techniques to bring more balance to your life
  • Explore self-compassion and how to let go of parenting guilt

Kids welcome! We will have a few extra adults coming along with us to keep an eye on our little ones, and for you to make the most of the workshop.

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Lucile Allen-Paisant is the founder of Leeds Wellbeing Week and Director of Mind It Ltd. She created Mind It Ltd in 2017 to MAKE WELLBEING EASY and help organisations to take care of their staff using easy, impactful and powerful tools. She became a mum in 2018 and experienced the challenges of juggling between business and baby with the frustrations and guilt kicking in.

Samantha Toon is the owner of Mind Brilliance and runs Mindfulness workshops and courses for individuals and businesses. As a mum of two, Sam has experienced how much of a challenge parenting can be to mental health and how simple mindful practices can make a big difference. She’s a strong advocate for maternal health and practical self-care to support your wellbeing.