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A Centre for Disability Studies Conversation Series Event to mark Disability History Month

Please join us for this free and public interactive event, in which we will have the opportunity to reflect on the history and current status of disability policy in the United States and also in the United Kingdom.

What is the agenda?

12.00 Talk by Professor Peter Blanck

12.30-12.40 Response by members of Leeds Disabled Peoples Organisation

12.40-13.30 Open discussion

13.30-14.00 Tea and coffee

What is the talk about?

July 26, 2020, is the thirtieth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, arguably the most important U.S. civil rights law in the area. My talk explores the social, economic, and political forces underpinning the birth of American disability rights project one hundred and fifty years ago under President Abraham Lincoln and in its operation today under President Donald Trump. Among its most profound aftereffects, the U.S. Civil War changed society’s view of disabled people, largely due to the massive Civil War pension scheme for returning disabled Union Army veterans. Yet, in the U.S. then as today, there was (is) deep skepticism towards disabled people that perpetuates inclusion barriers and unjustified prejudice. I ask, what has changed?

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Who is Professor Peter Blanck?

Peter Blanck is University Professor at Syracuse University, which is the highest faculty rank granted to eight prior individuals in the history of the University. He is Chairman of the Burton Blatt Institute, which is a leading disability research, education, and outreach center with offices across the USA. He received a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University, where he was President of the Stanford Law Review, and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Harvard University. His recent books include:

Supported Decision-Making: Theory, Research, and Practice to Enhance Self-Determination and Quality of Life (with Shogren, Wehmeyer, Martinis, 2019)

Heavy Laden: Union Veterans, Psychological Illness, and Suicide (with Logue, 2018)

e-Quality: The Struggle for Web Accessibility by People with Cognitive Disabilities (2014).