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Talking Heads


With speaker Roger O’Doherty

We live in a fluid and unpredictable time. Across Europe and the US the far right have disproportionate leverage due to the nature of political systems and the resurgence of nationalism. Ireland through its leverage as a member of the EU has stood up to its one time imperial master, but that same leverage is offered to right wing governments in Hungary and Poland. The future of the EU and the Western Alliance are both at stake as, despite nationalism, political allegiances are being formed and financed across borders. Roger will focus largely on Ireland, the DUP and the Brexit to show how understanding those dynamics informs our analysis of what is happening in Europe and Trump’s USA.


About the Speaker

Roger is knowledgeable about the history and workings of the DUP and has followed Brexit more closely than most people would regard conducive to sanity. He has a long history of political activism in the Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland, The Anti Apartheid Movement and Anti Deportation campaigns.