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With speaker Professor Anna Lawson (University of Leeds, School of Law)

Disability can affect all of us yet it is frequently overlooked in many areas of everyday life, whether the built environment, provision of services, economic opportunities, health outcomes or inclusion in the political, social and cultural fabric of society. In addition to unconscious and institutional discrimination, people with disabilities and their families often face outright prejudice. Poverty and disability frequently go hand in hand.

How society responds to those disadvantaged in a world that preferences the able bodied tells us much about the sort of society we choose to live in. Is it democratic if groups are unrepresented and unheard and don’t have the same agency and life chances? What do we mean by human rights if objectively it is clear we live in an exclusive rather than inclusive world? Where are we now and where should we be in relation to disability? What are the European and World contexts and what are the implications of current political, economic and social developments?




About the Speaker
We are pleased to welcome Professor Anna Lawson from the University of Leeds School of Law, a recognised expert on disability. Anna’s interest in disability and law is rooted in her own experience of life as a disabled person and a commitment to working across stakeholder groups to tackle the persistent forms of disadvantage and exclusion experienced by disabled people worldwide. Anna has held positions in a range of local, national and international disabled people’s and human rights organisations as well as UK government and the Council of Europe. Anna’s current research focuses on disability equality and human rights at the UN, European and domestic level.