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SOUNDBITES – Monthly Poetry Open Mic Event

Click this link  https://forms.gle/LajZiy2P3bVKpNup7  to sign up. Cut off date Saturday 9 January.

We are delighted to welcome the Otley Troubadours who will be reading from the recently launched ‘Chevin Rouge’.

Chevin Rouge is a cheeky, full-bodied blend of 19 poetical stories in the vein of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It was conceived in 2019 during a period of floods, wars and drought.

We could never have imagined that plague too would descend in 2020. But, Like Chaucer, we have attempted to offer an antidote to angst. Our anecdotes are satirical, astringent,
thought-provoking, fruity, poignant, bawdy and even scatological. Among the poets are a number of Otley favourites, including Pam Scobie, Mike Baynham, Sue Butler, Gail Mosley.
Terry O’Connor and David Cattenach.

The Canterbury Pilgrims were on their way to the shrine of Thomas A Becket. Ours are heading to Samuel Beckett’s grave at Montparnasse cemetery, Paris. We asked for local
poets to come up with:

a range of characters from all walks of society to tell the tales
a brief prologue to each tale
a moral subtext or conundrum, life lessons, social commentary.

We launched Chevin Rouge on Zoom on October 27 th to many plaudits: ‘I laughed a lot’, ‘inspired idea’, ‘a very talented group’, ‘read with verve and dash’.

It can be purchased in book form direct from feedaread.com. Price £4.99 plus postage.
It will be on Amazon and similar sites in early December.

There is no charge for taking part but, if you wish to, here is a link to the HEART Crowdfunder page where you can make a donation: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/support-heart-through-this-uncertain-time

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