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Both exhibiting on the Ground Floor | 21st Feb – 3rd April 2020

Liz and Sheila met at school in Leeds in the 1960’s, and have been close friends ever since.  They both trained at art colleges, at different times, in different places, but both kept their art practices going throughout their busy lives, along different paths, arriving at HEART together in this joint exhibition of their work.

Liz works mostly with traditional printmaking techniques, the simpler the better, using sketchbook and camera to record subject matter – real and imaginary landscapes and organic forms – attempting to capture in mark-making and express in line, the essence of a place or human form.  She is attracted to the Yorkshire landscape, and loves to walk the coastline, moors and special  places, familiar from memories, where past experiences have left their marks, as they also mark the body through time.









The themes of Sheila’s work vary according to her moods, which have coloured most things throughout her life. The main one that connects all her work could be summed up as “The Shapes of Things” – of plants, trees, animals, pattern in nature; symmetry, circularity & the mandala, in nature as well as in abstract form. This format appears in all cultures & has done for centuries. Its design & symbolism has fascinated her since first discovering it during her degree & has been a regular feature of her work ever since. Her current work has been inspired by a recent trip to Cuba, which bowled her over with its sights, sounds & in particular, colour.



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