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Once again the HEART Quiz will be part hosted in the Courtyard at HEART. Spaces are limited to 20 so if you’d like to come along, please book in advance. We’ll be Zooming it for everyone else.
All those classic rounds you’ve grown to know and love will be ready and waiting to take your brain cells!
To book a space, or just to have the password for the Zoom event, please email centremanager@heartcentre.org.uk


Let me know if you will be here. As soon as I’ve got 20 that’s as many as we can have!

Whether you want to log-in to the quiz on Zoom, or book a table at HEART to attend in person, please email centremanager@heartcentre.org.uk


Remember Crowdfunder is still going and all donations will help HEART make it through to the time when we can have some sense of normality again: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/your-support-keeps-us-going

Look forward to seeing you at HEART in person, or virtually Zoomed!