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In my work I aim to convey emotional interest without sentimentality. That’s why I often use images of children – child musicians or dancers.

Since I was a child, painting has been an important means of expression. I was born and educated in Leeds, studied Art here, and taught at Cross Green High School. It was a tough area of the city. Art as a subject helped young students to say much by visual means that could not be said in verbal language. I later worked at St. George’s Crypt full time with homeless people. I painted a mural there based on City of Leeds-scapes.  It was city square with the statue of the Black Prince, pointing forcibly to the future. The colourful images brought humour etc to the atmosphere.

Later I went to teach English as a second language with a mission society. Being able to produce helpful and relevant drawings often bypassed tricky verbal problems. I love foreign art, in China and Mongolia. Later I went on the Transiberian Railway with David Hathaway’s Eurovision. We went from London through Moscow to Vladivostok and back again, taking educational equipment and materials, mostly for children. Since then I worked with Teen Challenge, Leeds with addicts, street girls and homeless people. Sometimes I find ways they can produce pictures that help them towards wholeness as persons.