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MISTER DODO BONES and the ONE EYED JACKS are back at HEART with a new album:


Sometimes there’s that rare occurrence – an album which not only gets to the very DNA of its genre but radically mutates it into a new byways of innovation. Such is the case with Taking Names. With a mixture of new material and radical re-interpretations of lost classics this album taps into the deepest Mississippi Delta traditions of the blues but also offers a fresh new evolutionary stream of this perennial musical form.

This is a master-class in musical economy. Using sparse, stripped back arrangements purged of all extraneous frivolity, it paradoxically offers a wholesome fullness and completeness. All-encompassing, you might say.

But the unique magic alchemical ingredient which knits it altogether is that searing and soulful voice of Mr Dodo Bones, a voice so penetrating and delinquent you feel it’s only a stage away from being weaponised. Here we have a barbed-wire voice dipped in nitric acid which makes many modern voices sound like those of a warbling pre-pubescent choir boy. The timbre isn’t just gravelly but could probably be also used to grind rocks into aggregate.

This album is a rare gem in a world of conformity where the word integrity can rarely be applied. Here it most certainly can.

Tim Wyatt (author and broadcaster, October 2019)

Support from Lymon Willis and Friends, Gip Dammone Vinyl shake down !

Tickets £7/£5 available from HEART reception and online by using ‘book now’ icon below.


Mr. Dodo Bones and the Band would love you to bring along a donation suitable for a local food bank. Its’ nearly Christmas, lets be generous guys.

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