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This month’s presentation will be called “Mycelium is the Message” (a phrase ripped off from Radical Mycology). After a few basics about what mycelium is and how it grows, Sam will try to give some impression of its vital ecological role, and its curious and still unexplained properties of memory and adaptation. This will be capped off with some wild speculation about how mycelial growth, economic growth and growth/expansion of the Universe might be related.
Then after the break we’ll have a half-hour ‘show and tell‘, so bring a field guide/IDing book if you have one and (more importantly) any mushrooms you can find. Even if we don’t manage to ID anything we’ll all learn by trying!
Thursday 9th December, 6.30-8.30pm
Claremont Room, Heart Centre, Headingley
Cost: £2 to cover room hire
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