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Exhibiting from 8th November – 23rd December  | Ground Floor

After training in Textiles and Fine Art at Canterbury College of Art, my career took me into Mental health, social work, palliative care and counselling until after thirty years, I left to resume my art work.

Most of my work is abstract and I work in layers of fabric and paint. I start with ideas and a piece of fabric on to which I place other pieces beginning to create a composition. I may paint or use gesso on parts of this and obscure other parts. I sometimes cut or use a soldering iron to create more shapes (cutting, pasting and painting).

Sometimes I define lines or areas with free machine stitch. Ideas provide the starting point but then the process takes over and has a life of its own until the piece is resolved.

I hope my work can be a focus for contemplation and can touch you in a personal way.

I work on large and small scale.

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