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Ground Floor

10th Jan – 21st Feb

Houses in Headingley

Paintings and prints by Jonathan Hooper












Jonathan Hooper studied at Falmouth in Cornwall, and Leeds. His subject is the built landscape of Leeds. He finds subjects on his walks; revisiting places many times, painting from drawings, photos and notes.

This exhibition focuses on Headingley. It combines recent paintings with older paintings and prints, giving an additional perspective.

His subject is the built landscape of Leeds: the houses, flats, commercial and industrial architecture of the city and its suburbs. He is influenced by the British landscape tradition as well as by modern painterly and colourist painting.

He views the paintings as reconstructions of the subject as much as representations: the paintings stand independently with the abstract and emotional qualities of line, shape, pattern, texture and above all colour as important as the depiction of real places. He paints in oil on canvas or board, in his studio at home. He finds subjects on his walks through the city; revisiting places many times, taking photos and making notes. From these, from memory, and from his own previous paintings he makes drawings in watercolour, pen or chalk to explore colour and composition. From these drawings, he makes his paintings.

This exhibition focuses on Headingley. It brings together recent paintings of red brick terraces, semi-detached houses, walls, gates and fences; street scenes from ten years ago, the start of Jonathan’s fascination with this city as a subject; and two etchings from 25 years ago which show the same domestic architecture, giving an additional perspective on the recent work.

You can see more of his work on his website https://bit.ly/paintings-of-leeds and follow his new work on Instagram @hooperpainter

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