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If you’d like to be involved with Films at HEART, come along to this meeting to get more info!





Background to the meeting. Brief History of Films at HEART 

Discussion whether to agree that HEART taking over as an activity is the correct way forward 


  • When will it restart 
  • Which night or nights 
  • Timings  

‘Membership’: Are we still wanting a membership 


  • Through TicketSource (our usual HEART ticket site) or as now 
  • Price 

Organising group: what should that look like, how many people, what roles etc 

Additional volunteers:  

  • People to take tickets on the night, run the projections, etc 

Ideas for screenings: 

Palestinian Film Festival 

Film and Food 


Any others 

Programming meeting: 

  • Need to set a date for this.  
  • Open to all, or only the organising group? 


Date for any follow-up meeting 

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