Humans of Heart: Jean and George

Introducing our two newest Humans of HEART! Jean and George actually went to Bennett Road Primary School back in 1936! Our

Humans of Heart: Jean and George2021-06-22T09:19:03+01:00

Humans of Heart: Steve T

We've got another Human of HEART feature for January! This month, we're sharing a few words from our former facilities manager

Humans of Heart: Steve T2021-01-11T12:39:22+00:00

Humans of Heart: Santa Claus

This time, we've got a very special guest contributing to our Humans of HEART feature. You may know him as Santa

Humans of Heart: Santa Claus2020-12-21T13:22:23+00:00

Humans of Heart: Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel and I started working here at Heart in October, responsible for all room booking and event space hire.

Humans of Heart: Rachel2020-12-02T15:05:12+00:00

Humans of Heart: Fay

Hello. Its Me Fay! From the Assembly bar and kitchen. You may remember me from such things as Humans of Heart, ABK

Humans of Heart: Fay2020-08-14T11:10:40+01:00

Humans of Heart: Tighearnan

This week we have asked one of our wonderful chef's Tighearnan to share his story with you of how he came

Humans of Heart: Tighearnan2020-07-16T16:52:00+01:00

Humans of Heart: Tom Metcalfe

The wonderful Tom Metcalfe is one of our Pulse members and has been kind enough to share his inspiring story with

Humans of Heart: Tom Metcalfe2020-07-08T14:50:54+01:00

Humans of Heart: Rose’s Tea Bar

Terry (Left) Doreen (Centre) Alec (Right) This week we had the pleasure of chatting to Terry, Doreen and Alec from Rose's Tea

Humans of Heart: Rose’s Tea Bar2020-06-27T10:34:22+01:00

Humans of Heart: Jemma

This week we would like to shed a special light on our wonderful Jemma who is the founder of Tiny Boo. Jemma

Humans of Heart: Jemma2020-06-19T13:57:46+01:00
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