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Humans of HEART

Humans of Heart: Sophie

Hi, my name is Sophie, I have been a very proud member of the Heart family since September 2019. Some of you may know me from Assembly Bar and Kitchen, where I worked alongside the amazing Café staff serving you food and coffee,

Humans of Heart: Gurj

This week we would like to give you an insight into the life of the wonderful Gurg. Gurj co-host’s the Lockdown film club every Friday night at 7pm Via Zoom. We are very grateful to have Gurj as part of our Heart Family

Humans of Heart: The Green Yard

Antony and I (Rebecca) are husband and wife and lovers of foliage and flowers. Based in Headingley, we grow flowers and foliage in our garden (at present) and design and create floral arrangements here too. In our tenth year of marriage, we have set

Humans of Heart: Leann

This week is a very special 'Human of Heart', today we are celebrating one of the pillars that keep us standing. Many of you will know Leann, she is our plumber, our gardener and all in all, our Hero! Leann has just celebrated her




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